Point Cloud Exploitation Tools

The World’s Most Powerful GIS Environment for LIDAR and Photogrammetric Point Cloud Processing

Whether from airborne LIDAR or drone collected imagery, 3D point clouds have become a critical base mapping layer. LP360 provides tools from rapid visualization and derived product generation through advanced features such as automatic ground classification and building footprint extraction.


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LP360 Live View

LP360 introduced Live View in LP360 2015.1. Live View is a new point filter for defining how points are visualized in real-time within the program. Read More

Error: Failed to create Toolbox File

Symptom: While installing the LP360 toolbox tools in the ArcToolbox an error is reported, “Error: Failed to create the toolbox file”. Probably Resolution: Typically, Windows will not allow you to create the new toolbox in the “System Toolboxes” folder. Read More

Planar Statistics Point Cloud Task

The Planar Surface Statistics Point Cloud Task attributes a user drawn polygon with planar extraction statistics. It defines the best fit plane and computes the quality of fit values, which are stored as attributes on the shape file. It also serves as a diagnostic tool to facilitate the setting of planar filter settings. Read More

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