Point Cloud Exploitation Tools

The World’s Most Powerful GIS Environment for LIDAR and Photogrammetric Point Cloud Processing

Whether from airborne LIDAR or drone collected imagery, 3D point clouds have become a critical base mapping layer. LP360 provides tools from rapid visualization and derived product generation through advanced features such as automatic ground classification and building footprint extraction.


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Display by elevation difference tool (dZ or DeltaZ)

The elevation difference tool will display, or generate images, based upon the settings that you select. For display those settings are located in the LAS properties -> Symbology -> Delta Z tab.… Read More

RMSE and Minimum Contour Interval

The latest ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards for Digital Geospatial Data shows the correlation between vertical RMSE and contour interval. The updated ASPRS standard uses accuracy based upon the RMSE (Root Mean Square Error) at the ground scale.…Read More

Point Cloud Statistics Extractor CRS Code

The results of extracting the LAS header information from the Point Cloud Statistics Extractor or LDDump may contain EPSG, GeoTIFF or other codes for coordinate systems, datums, units, etc.…Read More

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