"AeroMetric utilizes LP360 to increase QA/QC efficiency of LIDAR data. The software tools allow us to look at LIDAR Point Clouds in bulk and complete a thorough analysis to make sure our LIDAR deliverables meet the project specifications and quality expectations of our clients." - Chris Guy, Aerometric


LP360 for ArcGIS™ - Basic Edition

LP360 for ArcGIS is easy to operate and makes using LIDAR data in ArcGIS easy. LP360 for ArcGIS is incredibly fast, not RAM sensitive, and includes a large suite of innovative tools. LP360 for ArcGIS is the easiest, fastest, and most powerful way for GIS professionals to use LIDAR in ArcGIS.

LP360 for ArcGIS includes a powerful Point Cloud Task framework. The Point Cloud Task framework is a user friendly interface for generating point cloud statistics and previewing basic classification filters, height from surface filters, height filters, building point classification, building outlines, and macro filter stacks.


Benefits and Features

  • Virtually limitless LIDAR data architecture
  • Leverages the LIDAR industry/ASPRS LAS standard (1.0, 1.1, 1.2. and 1.3)
  • Integrated extension for ArcMap™
  • Requires only a standard ArcView™license
  • Creates a LIDAR data layer in ArcMap™
  • End-user focused with easy-to-use controls
  • Blends imagery or other data layers with LIDAR
  • Specialized viewing controls and filters tailored for LIDAR data
  • Blazing fast on-the-fly contouring and tinning
  • Optimized cross-section/profile data viewer
  • 3D data viewer
  • Exports customizable contours, surfaces and point formats
  • Point Cloud Tasks, including statistics
  • Export wizard (customizable point and surface utilities)
  • ASCII points to LAS converter
  • GIS Fusion™

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Also available to US Government Customers via GSA Advantage